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Sunday, April 22, 2007

One step forward, two steps back

How does one start to write again after almost a year of absence?

For a blog that was never intended to have more than a few words as a blurb, as a title.

I was ( still am) lazy. So, konon2nya*, a picture is worth a thousand words la.

Then even that one slacked.

So damn susah** I tell you.

The problem with me is; one moment Ive got ideas of cosmic proportions but by the time those neurons sends signals for my finger motors to tap on the laptop, yilek ***.

So, ive decided ; piecemeal.

A collection of events in no particular sequence whatsoever, whatever my rusty grey matter remembers. Kena cepat sebelum aku jadi**** senile.

* like pretend like that
** hard, difficult
*** nada.zilch.
**** must do fast2 before I get