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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Learn To Sing Like A Star - Kristin Hersh

Apparently, Andy Warhol said "Everybody will be famous in 15 minutes".

Going by that, I suppose the entire world right is infected with this disease called "looking-for -fame -and- fortune- even- though- I dont -really- know- what- Ive- got- to -deserve -that -thitis". Malaysians, ever the bandwagon jumpers, are not excluded. Called the Biohazard flamethrower squad already.

So here I am in The Curve, about to get my dose of word porn, when suddenly I am faced with a line of pimply faced teens, all lined up sign up for ( yet another one???) reality show called MyStarz, sponsored by a Korean applicance company and a local TV company. Everyone looks good. Until they start to open their mouths and let out that sad excuse of a "cough* 'singing voice'. Then it dawned on me, it doesnt matter if you can REALLY sing, its being on TV, its the exposure baby! nevermind how I look /sound like. All the camera flash, the crowd, the cameras at every angle, who wouldnt get turned on???

Not bad eh if you think about it?

Now excuse me while I go get my 15 minutes.

Are you kidding me? Virgin proses are calling me. Excuse me while I go get w(h)et on literati.



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