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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Books from boxes - maximo Park

I have a confession.

I am addicted to buying books. Make no mistake, I DO read them but I go crazy ( so does my wallet) if ever I am near Borders the Curve or Kino in KLCC. I dread to spend an entire day there because I know will pick up any book on whim ( in certain cases, I will even make notes in SMS form on my form to remind me of books for future purchases ; yes I am old school, i have no PDA ). One of my idea of bliss is to surround myself in a sea of books, just getting lost in the moment. Sad to say, its one of those things to I do just to feel smart ( shallow, I know)

books to finish :

Anyone volunteer to read it out loud for me?

So much books ( greedy2 bastard you, tsk tsk) so little time.



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