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Saturday, May 05, 2007

What Sound - LAMB

Another obsession of mine ( one of many ; it must NOT be healthy to have too many obsessions, no? ) is one called MUSIC. Being the failed musician / indie star that I am, I surround myself with so much music I even wonder if I am ever going to listen to them. I reckon , some of the 500+ CDs that I have, some I may have only listened to ONCE. Tamak haloba punya pasal *? or the passion to listen to as much as music as possible? you be the judge.
( In fact, one of my so called ID ideas was to have all my CDs stacked agts the wall somewhere in the house. Sort of pseudo wallpaper-ish concept la. Show off la konon what the music snob that I am).

Since I am a firm believer of *cough2* buying *cough2* original CDs, I became an impulsive buyer today and bought these Cds from Amazon. So, after a few hundred RMs poorer, this is what moi got:

Midnight Movies - Lion the Girl
VelvetUnderground re-updated to the sound of now. Gena Olivier ( vocals) may be the new understated Queen of Icy Cool Female Singers , you know, the "Oh Im so cool I dont care about you". Niko would have been pleased. But hey, the music's good.

Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
this guy is weird. His music is weird, in a nice sort of way. The sort that you know you shouldnt be liking this but it somehow sticks in your head & you end up humming & bopping your head when noone's looking. Real funny in a deadpan , black humour kind of way.

Feist - The Reminder
How can you NOT love Feist? Organic & whimsical. Thats how I would describe her music. Just check out her video 1-2-3-4 on Youtube. Ala2 Iklan GAP gitu.

The Twillight Sad - Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters

Music critics have lauded them as "The new U2 plus Mogwai combined!". One article on the net says men with Scottish brogue are mysterious & sexy ( this band is from Scotland). they sound good & epic enough on their myspace, so i decided to get this as well.

Aqualung - Memory Man
Dare I say; much2 better than Coldplay? Matt Hales, the creative force behind Aqualung, writes excellent pop( read: love) songs without trying to make it sound TOO epic that it falls flat in the face of its own melody ( take a cue Mr Martin). "Pressure Suit" should get ridiculous amount of airplay. if it doesnt, then all radio programmers should die a horrible death.

Malajube - Trompe-L'oeil
Ahh, Quebecois French Indie Rock, all the way from Montreal. Happening city that. Sedara mara dgn Arcade Fire. Check out their videos on Youtube. tersgtlah cantik.

Blonde Redhead - 23
Very pretentious. Very shoegazer. very indie. very groovy. I loike.
Plus they have a Japanese female vocalist ala Cibo matto & Asobi Seksu ( another excellent NYC shoegazer band). That is always a good thing in my books.



Blogger Mahariz said...

eclectic. i'll wait til i get back to do some muat-turun-ing. tried to listen to feist / metric. cannot la. mushaboom from the lacoste ad can sikit..

4:31 PM  
Blogger lita said...

"men with Scottish brogue are mysterious & sexy".

tsk. *I* could have told you that!

9:44 AM  

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