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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dont let me be Misunderstood - Yusuf

Yesterday while book whoring at Borders, we chance upon a pleasant suprise: Ms. Dina Zaman, acclaimed writer & author of " I Am Muslim" was scheduled to be there for a bookreading/Q&A session. Having met her before at Ninie's mag launch, it was nice to know that she recognized me ( or maybe it was me yg perasan kut, for all I know, she could have been waving & smiling to the person *behind* me).

Looking splendid as ever despite her hectic schedule, she did a reading of a chapter from the book & then proceeded to take answers from the floor. A few interesting questions, one particular one from one Uncle who mentioned to her that he thinks she is the "rebellious" type ( in a good way of course!). Strangely enough, I was trying to make a mental picture of Che Guevara = Dina Zaman? so tak kena man....

Anyway, all in all , a plesant, polite affair, as compared to her previous book reading session. Now *THAT* was something else. Nonetheless, its good her book & her work is getting the recognition it truly deserves. If you have not picked it up, do it now. Esp, if you are a Non Muslim. No, the book will not give you an intellectual discourse on Islam but rather, a snapshot of what a lot of Malaysian Muslims are going through in their lives. Poignant, funny & most importantly, its Real.

Cepat2, only RM30. Borders ada 15% discount ending today! I ended up buying another copy, for my SIL , who is currently having some existentialism issues ( hahaha...sorry Nabilah, if you are reading this...kidding lah.just read thebook ok? :) )

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Blogger lita said...

got mine from popular - with 20% off for members. heh.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Desparil said...

cis.. i bought mine without discounts..

3:51 PM  

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