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Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Eyes - Travis

This is a special post dedicated to a very special child, Aisya.

Aisya is the daughter of Mrs NorHayati & En Shahidan. She was born with a very rare disease called Fraser Syndrome , where her eyelids are completely fused together, her fingers are webbed, her hearing is impaired and her larynx partially shut.

We were in Taiping when I first read about her in The Star Weekender pullout last December 2006. The article did not mention any contact numbers for assistance, so I immediately called the hospital she was based in previously. Sadly, noone knew who she was or maybe because I didnt get through the right person who knew Aisya & her family. In KL, I tried calling StarMag's editor, June Wong & asked for the contact number for the journalist who wrote that article. Turns out she is a freelancer and June took my number to be passed to her.

Finally, about two months later, Daphne Ling, the incredible young journalist who highlighted Aisya's condition, called me. Apparently, she has gone one step ahead, using her blog to bring the plight of Aisya to the public. Go here for more info:

I wanted to help Aisya since the first time I read that article.

So this is what's gonna happen: on June 2nd, 2007, we will be travelling down to Ipoh to pay Aisya & her family a visit. I am currently talking to Pn Hayati to find out what else does Aisya needs besides from what has been pledge by other kind souls.

Watch this space. If you would like to help, feel free to email me.

On a different note, I salute young people like Daphne for the causes she is into. We should have more young people like her. Please visit her blog & support the other causes too.

Thank you for reading.



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